eXpand is the first open source project based on the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF). The eXpressApp Framework ships with DXperience Universal and can be evaluated free of charge (30 day trial) at: https://www.devexpress.com/ClientCenter/Downloads.

eXpand framework was started and is led by Tolis Bekiaris. Tolis has made a huge contribution to XAF over the years receiving great recognition from DevExpress and the whole XAF community. In April 2011 Tolis was honoured to be hired as Technical Evangelist for DevExpress frameworks!

The eXpand  Framework is an extension of XAF and operates within the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). Although XAF is not an open source product it can be purchased directly from DevExpress.

The eXpandFramework team have extended the capabilities of the eXpressApp Framework to include 61 cutting-edge assemblies containing tools and modules that target numerous business scenarios

The main idea behind eXpand is to offer as many features as possible to developers/business users  through a declarative approach (configuring files rather than writing code). Please go through each of the following brief descriptions and find out how eXpand can help you accomplish your complex development tasks with easy declarative programming. Below you can see some descriptions and screenshots of our basic modules (screenshots taken from eXpand FeatureCenter application that comes along with the download). In the folder Demos you can find a list of demos like XVideoRental, SecurityDemo, MiddleTier, Workflow and installation helper solutions for each module. 

Examples of those modules include (in the two right columns you can see the supported platform): 

Module Name Description windows aspnet
ModelDifference Model managment Y Y
Dashboard Enables native XAF dashboard collaboration and integrates the Dashboard suite Y Y
WorldCreator Design runtime assemblies Y Y
Email  Send emails using bussiness rules from application model without coding (see http://goo.gl/Hkx6PK) Y Y
JobSheduler Acts as a wrapper for the powerfull Quartz.Net, providing a flexible UI for managing Jobs at runtime Y Y
WorkFlow Contains workflow related features (Scheduled workflows) Y Y
DBMapper Map 14 different types of databases at runtime into worldcreator persistent objects  Y
IO Export & Import object graphs Y Y
ExcelImporter Imports Excel, csv files. Y Y
MapView  Google Maps integration for XAF web apps. Blog posts.  Y
FileAttachments  Provides support for file system storage as per E965
Scheduler  Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder (Blog posts) Y Y
Reports  Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder Y N
Chart   Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder Y N
PivotGrid   Please explore the XVideoRental module found in Demos/XVideoRental folder Y N
HtmlPropertyEditor   File upload and configuration through Application Model N Y
Import Wizard Universal module for importing excel files into any XAF application. Y N
Core Support multiple datastore , calculable properties at runtime ,dynamic model creation,control grid options, datacaching, web master detail, view inheritance etc. Y Y
WorkFlow Extends  XAF's workflow module to support schedule and on object changed workflows Y Y
AuditTrail Configures XAF Audit Trail module using the Application Modules. (see Declarative data auditing)
StateMachine Enhance XAF's statemachine module in order to control transitions using permissions Y Y
ModelAdaptor   Designed to apply component configurations and uses the Logic architecture  Y
Logic Define conditional architecture Y Y
ModelArtifact Parameterize Controllers & Actions Y Y
AdditionalViewControlsProvider Decorate your views with custom controls Y Y
MasterDetail XtraGrid support for master-detail data presentation using the model. Y N
PivotChart Enhance analysis procedures / controls Y Y
Security Provides extension methods, authentication providers, login remember me, custom security objects  Y
MemberLevelSecurity Conditional security for object members. Y N
FilterDatastore Filter data at low level Y Y
Wizard Design wizard driven views Y N
ViewVariants Create views without the use of model editor Y Y
Validation More rules , permission validation, warning/info support, Action contexts etc Y Y
ConditionalObjectViews Allows the conditional navigation to your detailviews/listviews-->Merged with ModelArtifact Y Y
EasyTests Custom command and extensions for EasyTest see http://apobekiaris.blogspot.gr/search/label/EasyTest Y Y
ExceptionHandling Log exceptions to numerous listeners / datastore Y Y
TreelistView Enhance hierarchy controls, map XtraTreeList options to model Y Y
NCarousel Loads images asynchronously and displays them using a configurable carousel listeditor N Y
Thumbnail Configurable through model module for displaying images N Y
CodeRush Addins Enhance Model Editor, Explore Xaf Errors, Drop Database at design time, ProjectConverter invocation - -
  1. Dashboard module
  2. Model Difference
    Extends XAF by adding great new features for example;
    • the ability to generate runtime members for your objects, 
    • creating Application/Role/User models in the database, 
    • storing your web cookies in the database, 
    • handling of external application models, 
    • combine end user modifications with application model, 
    • support for multiple models at design time,
    1 2
  3. WorldCreator
    Creates dynamic persistent assemblies. The XAF user interface allows us to create an assembly without writing a single line of code. Advanced users can even use c# scripting and create new code generation templates.  

  4. JobScheduler
    For those who are not familiar with the concept of job scheduling, here is some background information. Also, there is great Quartz tutorial, which provides an excellent introduction.
  5. DBMapper
    DBMapper has the same functionality as SqlDbMapper however is based on the powerful XPO . Thus  DBMapper module is capable of transforming into WorldCreator persistent classes the following list of databases: Access, AdvantageAdaptive Server Anywhere, Ase, DB2FireBirdFireBirdSqlSqlServerCeSqlServerODP OraclePersasizeSqlPostgreSqlSQLiteVistaDB  
  6. SqlDbMapper
    Can map any sql database into WorldCreator persistent classes and connect to it on the fly. This allows the user to take advantage of Xaf's strengths when mapping a legacy system with just a few clicks. Also we can use the dynamically generated code for your design time requirements  

  7. Import Export Module
    Provides collaboration between a xaf application and another system by allowing you to create object serialization graphs. The complexity of a graph can be configured using either UI or design time attributes. Changing object keys and choosing serialization strategies are straightforward as seen in this screenshot.

  8. Import Wizzard
    Universal module for importing excel files into any XAF application.
    Import Wizzard Preview
  9. AdditionalViewControlsProvider
    Allows us to place a Win or Web control in any given position in its respective XAF view and control its visibility, text decoration, font, height, width, etc. using conditional model rules.
    8 9
  10. ModelArtifactState
    Apply conditional logic to the artifacts of your model (Controllers, Actions). It means that you can enable,disable,hide,execute etc. at many contexts or combination of them  

  11. MasterDetail Enables conditional master detail functionality over your list views. It operates at any level!!
  12. StateMachine
    Enhance XAF's statemachine module in order to control transitions using permissions
  13. PivotChart Using it you can connect your analysis objects with any object and display/position them at any view. A big number of pivot features are also supported  . Controlling Pivotgrid options is also available at runtime 

    12 image
  14. Security
  15. MemberLevelSecurity
    Extends object type based security system with a conditional member based one 
    13 14
  16. Logic
    Provides the architecture / engine upon many of eXpand modules have been designed (AdditionalViewControlsProvider, ModeArtifactState, MasterDetail, ConditionalDetailViews) . Very valuable to the developers that want to implement a conditional modules
  17. Core modules
    The features here are endless . Some interesting features are multiple datastore support, create calculable properties at runtime, dynamic model creation, GridView,GridColumn options…etc
  18. ConditionalObjectView Allows the conditional navigation to your detailviews / listviews
  19. ViewVariants End user can design views at runtime
  20. Validation
    http://t.co/9q4eMAnO (warning/Info)

  21. WizardUI 
    Enables designing of wizard views using the model editor
    image image
    image image
  22. TreelistView 
    Enable recursive filtering and viewing for your listviews ,map XtraTreeList options to model, support for conditional appearance module
  23. ExceptionHandling
    Using Microsoft Enterprise Library can really help you see what's going on when an exception is raised, by storing your exception to any of the trace listeners provided with MSEL, or to your data store or to a different datastore taking also a screenshot of the application at the time of the exception
  24. FilterDatastore
    Extend security strategy to filter data at low levels. System administrators can configure what your users are authorized to view. UserFilter, SkinFilter providers are supplied as examples. The configuration of the providers is done from the model editor
  25. CodeRush Addins
    Model Editor: Overrides any VS crashing problems, support multiple design time models and speed ups navigation through its search facility 
    DropDatabase: Using a keyboard shortcut allows you to drop the databases your application is connected to at design time 
    ProjectConverter: Runs project converter for the current open solution 
    Explore Xaf Errors: Using ReSharper stack trace explorer and a keyboard shortcut you can explorer xaf errors

    image image

  26. NCarousel
    Web skinable listeditor based on JCarousel. Image loading is asynchronous , multiple editor with different configurations is allowed
  27. Thumbnail
    Configurable web thumbnail list editor that wraps images into special styling so they can be auto aling in the page with out problems.
  28. Workflow
  1. Excelmporter