How to use an eXpand module with an existing XAF application

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How to debug eXpandFramework

This installation guide assumes that you already have installed Microsoft Visual Studio and DevExpress DXperience Universal Subscription (please make sure that CodeRush is installed, too). To get started in using eXpand please follow this steps:

*Download [[|eXpand]] (always use the latest version as we continue to innovate and create new modules and features as well as debug the existing code base).

*Download contains the source code of the framework as well as the precompiled assemblies. You can use directly the assemblies if you like and skip the steps bellow

*Extract the eXpand files into your favorite location. Extracting eXpand

*Now open the Microsoft Windows Command Prompt, move to the location you extracted eXpand files, and execute buildall32bit.cmd if you are using 32-bit Windows Edition or buildall64bit.cmd if you are using 64-bit Windows Edition. (Note: If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you should run the Command Prompt as Administrator). Run Command Prompt 1


*Soon after you start the build script you will be prompted to add registries keys. Please accept them so that eXpand and Visual Studio work properly.

Run Command Prompt 2

run command prompt 3

*After these steps, our build script will take approximately 5-10 minutes to configure your Visual Studio templates and the Microsoft .Net GAC. You will end up with a command prompt looking like this:  

*Note that there might be some warnings in yellow. These are just warnings and it's to ok to have them. We will be correcting those in the future. If you get red color please start a new thread at our forums (Bugs section) and post your installation log by running the command buildall32bit.cmd >log.txt there. All the yellow warnings are harmless as most of them say that the methods we are using are "obsolete." We're working on upgrading to the new methods. Although eXpand needs only .NET 3.5 build scripts are using msbuild v4, so in order to build eXpand you need to have installed .NET 4 as well. At this stage you are now ready to start using eXpand. You can confirm this by opening your Visual Studio and creating a new project from the File menu. If everything installs ok, you should be able to create a solution based on our template. For testing purposes, we will create an eXpandDemo solution in order to test the VS template:  

create new project 1

create new project 2

*If you were able to create the solution based on our template, then you are now ready to start coding! Please check our [[xafaddins|XafAddins]] section to fine tune your experience with our framework.