How to use an eXpand module with an existing XAF application

eXpandFramework in Scott Hanselman

How to debug eXpandFramework


Get eXpandFramework from the download page

  • The installer creates VS templates, adds the assemblies in the GAC, adds components in the toolbox and includes the sources.
  • Nugget packages do not provide a design time support so you need to register manually the modules you install like.
    They also include the symbols (pdb files) which link to the online repo so you do not need the sources in order to debug the framework.
  • VSIX package contains must have tools for working with XAF (optional)
  • The libs contained a pre-compiled version of all assemblies along with the symbols which are linked to the online repo so you do not need to get the sources for debuggin the framework
  • The sources may differ a bit from the online repro as they are parsed optimized from the buildserver so we recommand you use them instead


eXpandFramework follows XAF best practices so everything you know already about XAF (modules,controllers, propertyeditors etc) are avaliable as well here under a similar folder structure. So, instead of spending our limited recourse to doument what you already know about XAF artifacts we chose to make new implementations and assure a stable framework . The source code is open sourced and by exploring it a bit is easy to tell what is supported from each module. In addition you may also get a brief from the blogposts linked to each module in

For example an overview of the framework can be obtained by browsing the next links (note that the links point to 17.1 branch and you may need to change it to see future branches):

System Modules

Shared Libs (referenced from all modules)

Extra Modules  (This link lists all modules and you can explore its one seperately, similary to the next links)

    ModelDifference Module

    ModelDifference Module Win

    ModelDifference Module Web



The above links are just an indication and not a complete list of what is included in the framework. Feel free to explore the rest and ask questions in the public forums.

All eXpandFramework artifacts are mapped to the XAF model allowing you to declaratively control them. 

To get a taste of how much eXpandFramework will enrich your model compare the next screenshots.

Model Options











 Mapped Controls 

 Finally the project is actively devloped and supported, feel free to use the public forums for bugs, suggestions, questions etc..