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NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:New LabelControlPropertyEditor with model options expand 1434
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:ModelAdaptor BaseAppearanceCollection support expand 896
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:EditorAlias for FastSearchPropertyEditor, ASPxSearchLookupPropertyEditor expand 987
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:TwoDimensionListEditor and EditableTabEnabledListEditor By Aris Papadimos expand 1121
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:LayoutViewEditor support for end user modifications expand 945
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:E1703-Changing window title when data within a View is modified expand 998
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:LoadWhenFilter support more modes expand 896
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:Support Treelist model options for CategorizedListEditor expand 901
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:Configure Font from ModelAppearence rules expand 1052
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:Minute interval for monitoring with Scheduled Workflow expand 951
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:Open DetailView of a Related Record expand 1012
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:support font modification for ActionContainerViewItem expand 858
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:tuning Font for whole Grid and each Column separate expand 1014
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:EmailTemplateEngine allow temppath configuration expand 876
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:TreeListEditor support for AppearenceEnabled expand 886
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:XpandTreeListEditor - Wire-up ListView attributes to underlying TreeList control expand 1045
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:ImmediatePostData in ListViews expand 1082
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:AutoExpandAllTreeNodes expand 1050
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:do not run merging algorithms if no merging is used expand 994
NEW COMMIT by apobekiaris:Support font modification through Appearence object expand 879